I thought, I would tell you a little about how I started weaving?

At the start, life was messy, life was full.
Life was very hard and demanding.
But something was driving me on, something kept me going regardless.
Let me explain….

When myself and my husband came to Ireland first it so happened we stayed with a basket maker (Patsy Cahill). I got fascinated watching him. I also loved the fact that he grew his own material. I told my husband I would love to learn how to do that someday. As we had a 4 month old son at the time and were thinking of moving to Ireland I didn’t think I had room in my head for more. But Jef said: ‘Why don’t you do it now?’ How right he was to tell me to take the opportunity when it was taring me in the face!
So I did.
And once I had made one basket I knew I had to make another one. And another one. And a larger one. And…. New shapes and possibilities swirling around in my head all waiting to get out immediately!

And then it got hard.
Yes I was full of enthusiasm to learn but my baskets were nothing like the exciting shapes I could see in my head!
Yes I wanted to learn more but how? I had no time to travel to attend classes as we had two more kids in the next four years. All I could do was take it slow and learn from books.
I longed to be in my weaving space, this relaxed meditative state weaving brings you to. But I was constantly interrupted by 3 small kids needing food (again!) or other basic needs.
We were building our house (whilst living in it), living off grid with no hot water for many years, growing our own food. 
That alone could have kept me busy for twice over!

But I struggled along. Something was guiding me, sustaining me.

When I had willow available I would use it. I would sit and weave. Somehow I took that time.

Yes there was frustration for not having enough time, kids needing attention or messing up my neatly sorted piles of willow. But slowly I learned. I learned how to manipulate the willow. I learned new techniques. I learned to make the shapes I could see in my head.

And over time I realised I had actually learned a lot.

Once the kids were in school my weaving journey became easier. I could fully apply myself to it. And I even managed to make it into a business. 
But I will tell you that story another time….

For now I am here to tell you your start to this weaving journey does not have to be such a struggle. 
I am here to tell you I would love to teach you all I know and have learned over more then 15 years and many years now of intensive teaching practice. 
I am here to say I want to hold your hand and guide you through the entire process in my 9 month new program called BECOMING A BASKET MAKER.

You can find all the information in my shop. I leave the link for you here.


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