My willow plants, grown from our soil, stood in all-weather, gently moving as they grew, soaking up sunshine, rain and dancing around in the wind. Many varieties have been selected over 20 years, on a slow trial basis to finally find those that keep their colors when dried, are flexible and disease resistant. Those plants provide me with my color palette. Once a year, in winter, the willow is harvested by hand, graded by size and left to dry out fully (over many months). Finally, when I go to make a basket, the willow is soaked to become flexible once again by fully submerging the rods in water for around 4 to 7 days depending on size and variety. Only then do I get to create something with her from my hands, weaving magic into form for you to bring into your home.

As I create, I create with willow. I allow her to whisper to me of her longing to be, what to become and grow into.

Baskets allow me to hone my techniques, get better at my craft. They give me structure. I bring those skills into creating sculptural forms where I can allow myself to create freely.

I explore natural flowing shapes and love bending willow into its most beautiful ways. She challenges me to stay with her as she guides me into trust, allowing and a natural flow.




The willow cuttings shop is now closed!

Willow cuttings are available from December 1st until December 31st or until we have reached capacity. Ordering cuttings is done by pre-order. This means you pay and order in December, and cuttings will be posted in January. You will receive all cuttings by the end of January.

Willow cuttings can only be posted within the European Union. I cannot post to the UK. (If you are in the UK, contact Justine for a wide range of willow cuttings

All cuttings come with a plant passport (as per European plant regulations) and a planting and maintenance guide as well as a description on each variety.


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