I am drawn to nature’s flowing forms, water, and the constant expansion and growth in nature.

When I create, I feel that expanding energy, the impulse that makes plants grow, the power of wind, the pull of water, the ever-changing constant change that ebbs and flows in my life, everyday, and throughout the year.

Stepping into that natural creative and expansive energy is healing. Making by hand is too. Like a prayer, I use my hands to weave my innermost feelings into shapes.

As I create, I create with willow. I allow her to whisper to me of her longing to be, become, grow into.

Baskets allow me to hone my techniques, get better at my craft, they give me structure. I bring those skills into creating sculptural forms where I can allow myself to create freely. I love moving between functional and non-functional shapes. Like a pendulum over and back, or a spiral ever deeper.

I explore natural flowing shapes and love bending willow into its most beautiful ways. She challenges me to stay with her as she guides me into trust, allowing, flow.

Willow is my only medium, my guide, my muse. She moves constantly in the wind, prefers to bend rather than break and is super flexible, grows fast and has beautiful colored stems. She teaches me patience, to follow her rhythm, and the rhythms of nature.

I only use natural colored willow bark to bring colors into my work. No dyes.

My work is about healing through rebuilding our connection to nature.

We grow all our willow ourselves and have selected a wide range of varieties over many years that allow me to play with a beautiful diverse natural color palette.

I learned how to make baskets more then 20 years ago as we made the transition to move to Ireland from Belgium. We bought a small run-down cottage and started to make it into a home with a productive vegetable garden, and willow beds for basket making.

I practiced my craft any spare moment I had, which was not much at first with 3 small children. But as they grew, so grew this little willow business.

I now make baskets and sculptures for sale and commission, teach in person workshops and from there have developed an online program that brings students from complete beginners to confident baskets makers so you can also step into the willow world.


My Values

Learning through doing

In community with the natural world

Back to basics

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