1. Tools

For years I only had a pair of secateurs, an old blunt kitchen knife and a wooden bodkin my husband had made me. And it worked great! Over the years I have added a little to that. But that does not mean you will need all those tools to make a basket. Be creative! It is great that for basket making we need very few tools. Our hands the main important ones.

Tools I use a lot:

-Secateurs (they need to be sharp!

-Bodkin (a small one is easiest to use)

-Weight (stone, piece of lead, metal, etc.)

-String or electrical wire (to tie up the uprights)

-Measuring tape (if working to specific measurements)

-Rapping iron (to bang down the weaving in the side of the basket to make it tight)

2. Where to buy cuttings for planting

Most basket makers would have some willow growing or know someone who does. If you know a basket maker local to you ask for advice.

In Ireland:

Barry Noyce Tipperary, his number is 086 8241393. He has a wide variety of willow varieties available and sells cuttings in the winter months.

Future forests in co. Cork have basket making willow varieties for sale as cuttings. They are not great at labelling and named varieties. Their website is here

The Organic Centre in Leitrim has some willow varieties for sale as cuttings. Their website is here

Outside of Ireland:

Musgrove willow growers in Somerset, UK. https://www.musgrovewillows.co.uk/

Somerset Willow Growers UK http://www.willowgrowers.co.uk/

Coates English Willow, UK https://www.englishwillowbaskets.co.uk/

West Wales willows, Wales. http://westwaleswillows.co.uk/

Redstone Willows, Cheshire,  http://redstonewillows.co.uk/

Blencogo Willow, Scotland: http://blencogowillow.com/

The willow bank, Gloucestershire, UK : https://www.thewillowbank.com/

World of willow, Dorset, UK: https://www.worldofwillow.co.uk/

Windrush willows near Exeter UK: https://windrushwillow.com/

L’osier de Guedrod, France : https://www.osierprod.com/boutique.php

De Vos. Belgium. http://devossalix.be/nl/

Hans Ender, Germany: http://hans-ender.de/

Mimbre Corridor, Spain: http://mimbrescorredor.es/

Tools in the USA: Tools by Winslow, Illinois, bodkins-tools.com)

The Basket Farmer, Ohio, USA: www.basketfarmer.com/

Living Willow Farm, Roseville, Ohio, USA https://www.livingwillowfarm.com/

Vermont Willow nursery, Vermont, USA: https://www.willowsvermont.com/

Dunbar Gardens, Washington, USA: http://www.dunbargardens.com/

The Branch Ranch, Warkworth, Ontario, Canada: https://thebranchranch.ca/

Lakeshore willows, Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada: http://www.lakeshorewillows.com/

Go Willow, New Zealand: https://www.gowillow.co.nz/

And this is not an exhaustive list.

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