beyond sustainability

I hit the brick wall
tears well up for no reason
I cannot do any more
I feel so very tired

I realise
I have been pushing
to make things happen
giving all the time
doing from my head
what I think needs doing

Instead I long to allow
more female energy to flow

to receive
so I can recharge
act from what feels right
from deep within

This is not sustainable
is what the doctor said to me
when I detailed to him what I do
on a daily/weekly basis

It is not sustainable

I want to write a different story
a story that is sustainable in all areas
sustainable for me and my family
for the planet and the land

But deep down I know it is more
then sustainability
We live in a time of take take take
where being busy is the norm

But what if I feel like doing it different
what if I decide to STOP
to be still
to live with the resources we are given
and by doing that
build ourselves up
so we are filled with vitality and energy
overflowing we would be

What if by stepping back we can start giving more?
Because it is no longer enough to live sustainably
when all around us we are hurting
Mother Earth is hurting
And she needs to be nurtured back into health.

We are part of the whole
we are all interconnected
and we are deeply searching for connection
a nurturing connection with Mother Nature

What if by slowing down
we will fill our own cup
and also start to hear and feel Mother Earth again
we can nurture Her so she in return can nurture us again

We no longer live in a time to fight against a system,
or to protest against injustice
This is about starting a whole new movement
from the inside out
from the bottom up
this is a movement about caring, love and nurturing
Starting with ourselves
our communities
and Mother Earth

All we have to do is learn to listen
to slow down
remember to use what we are given creatively

That way we will move beyond sustainable
and move into a
New Earth


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