Here I lay
At your feet
small pieces
on the earth

Here I lay
holding out
sensing deep
for my time
yet to come

And when she
will breathe out again
her daughter,
will be held
in her embrace

Her breath
gently insisting
to pick myself up
to find the lost pieces
and use them
to make
whole again










These are pictures of a new series I am working on inspired by seeds, new starts, healing and new growth.

More and more I feel I need to listen to our Mother Earth. As I make I feel her presence.
I feel her in the soft drizzly rain,
I feel her under my feet
and in the seasons when she breathes in and out.

By making I connect to her.
By talking about my work I hope you can connect with her too.
By sharing we can see She is in all of us too,
we carry her magic.

I hope you can feel her magic too.

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